Make a corner of a fibre glass tank


I would like to make a fibre glass tank, in that case you have the edges flipped over. I could do this by making the a polyline first and extrude this. But the challenge are the corners, can somebody could tell me how he/she would do this?

Attached what I made so far.


  • Ty sweep along closed square instead of extrude.

  • Like this now close floor.

  • Patrik:

    I read up on sweep and viewed the tutorials, but couldn't envision how to apply what I learned to this posters situation. I was making it too complicated now that I've see your method. Sweeping a profile of a handrail as the tutorial shows is one thing, but extrapolating that to this situation wasn't obvious to me.

    Your sweep.jpg was more enlightening than all the official docs on the subject.

  • Michael Mayer
    edited June 17

    @Patrik Sparrman said:
    Like this now close floor.

    Or you can make a single Profile that includes a bit of the Floor.
    Extrude it a bit and arrange this to all 4 sides.
    Now, with Direct Modeling,
    you can select the 2 facing Faces of 2 Extrudes and L-Connect them,
    repeat for all Corners.
    (In case you want a single Solid at the end, you can do a boolean
    union now)
    Finally close the Floor by selecting one of the vertical Faces and

  • Thank you all!

  • Bas Weinans
    edited September 30

    what is my object is swept in a mirror image?

  • Bas Weinans
    edited September 30

    another questions

    why is sweeping not possible in this example?


    i know, the object to sweep was not totally round...

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