Would you like to earn money testing BricsCAD?

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We are looking for user testers. We're looking for a wide range of user testers. Whether you're a beginner or have been using CAD since the 80s, we want to hear from you!

Sign up: https://surveys.hotjar.com/c9fe5dff-4ab0-43d8-af76-a4c0fd5f0556


  • Dead link? Blank page.

  • It might be a problem with your ad-block/browser. If you get an error message, feel free to message me directly for details.

  • Blank in Safari,
    works with Firefox.

  • Tom Foster
    edited June 2021

    Blank in Firefox,
    works in Vivaldi.
    I signed - as the pre-computer-age always-beginner!

  • I thought it was only asked about Bricscad experience ?

    Otherwise I would have already lied the first day of my new employment.

  • I was kidding ....

  • Not sure I got that completed. Machine locked up on me during the filling out process. Now I can't get back into it.

    Let me know if I can try again to complete it.


  • Nevermind. Cleared my cache and got it completed.

    Hope to hear from someone, could be fun.


  • This is now closed. Thanks for the interest. We'll be contacting all the successful applicants shortly.

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