list of SHAPE versions and changes/additions?

is there anywhere in the web a listing available, showing the various versions of SHAPE and the changes or additions that were made for each new version?
Before updating the software, I would like to know if it makes sense to do it (as I use only certain capabilities of it).
I could only find these things for bricscad, not for shape.
Thanks in advance!


  • Michael Mayer
    edited May 2021

    Interesting question.

    Since Shape went into the single global Bricscad installer a few years ago,
    Release Notes will AFAIK, only show Bricscad changes.
    Can't remember to have seen any Shape related things.

    But can remember that over time, every now and then in Shape, some
    features may had been added, some features went away.
    And the larger changes to Direct Modeling (like BIMDRAG/DRAG changes)
    were taken over to Shape, basically silently.

    I tried Shape on M1 Mac.
    Menu Help shows a "Release Notes" Entry.
    Unfortunately that links to a :
    "Release Notes not found"

    And I can see no Help/Documentation from Menu so I assume there isn't any .....

    And BTW
    will go straight to Bricscad release Notes

  • dear Mr. Mayer, thank you very much for your kind reply!

    It is a pity there is no release history of Shape. Why should one update it, if he/she doesn't know if it is worth? (or, like it happens often with the unserious autocad-clone called zwcad, it could be even a bad idea to update, as sometimes the new versions are loosing important qualities from the past, even the payed ones. I think that old and serious software like autocad never discarded any function, it is always being updated in an additive way)

    It seems to me that being free means for Bricsys not to care too much about Shape. This is quite different from things like Sketchup (for example) where the free part is equally well documented as the PRO-part that is being sold.
    if somebody would like to create devoted future customers, he needs to keep them interested in the free part of the product, not let them alone with it. Otherwise they will switch to one of the many other free products that exist in the meantime.

  • Michael Mayer
    edited May 2021

    Oh, that is so complicated.

    The main reason for Shape and being free may be likely to get new Bricscad users.
    Shape may not have been the success in this view as expected and looks abandoned
    but it is still there.

    As a Bricscad BIM user I sometimes enjoy Shape.
    I can install and enjoy it on any Linux installation, without being distracted from
    any BIM and complex GUI.
    On the other hand the target group of sketching Sketchup users may not be much
    interested in Shaps quality to offer usable clean DWG geometry and proper ACIS
    Solids. And may be distracted by the Autocad way of working.
    (One time Selection, Command Line, Commands ending after single use, ...)

    If Bricsys made Shape more mainstream compatible it could be more successful
    but at the same time contradict making users get used to Bricscad or increase
    its sales.
    I was not able to convince anyone from Shape so far. Neither colleagues nor users
    of other more standard working (non-Autodesk) Software. The typical Autocad user
    and potential Bricscad Switcher may 80% still be 2D and not interested in Shape's
    3D Direct Modeling and instead ask for Dimensions and Annotations instead.

    In your case I would just use and enjoy Shape and not so much care about non
    documented changes and regressions. You can always download and install
    previous versions of Bricscad (Shape).
    And likely newer Versions of Bricscad and Shape likely get better, not worse
    than previous versions.

  • I wrote some thing about SHAPE after inspecting it.
    What i really like is the ability to use georeferenced images.
    Kicks ass if you combine it with Qgis.

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