Subtract, Slice, Interfere, ... How to do this?

See attached drawing.

If I subtract the sphere from the square tubing, and delete the sphere, I'm left with 1 object with an odd shaped hole in it. I'd like to end up with 2 objects and no phantom geometry where the hole is.

I've tried interfere and can't figure out how to get rid of the hole geometry. Slice seems inappropriate for this case.

What method will produce 2 objects and no hole geometry?


  • avc
    edited July 12

    Command _solidedit _body _separate
    This command (there is a button for it) will allow you to split a solid consisting of several separate bodies.
    But I do not understand what kind of phantom sphere you are talking about. If the history of solid changes is turned off, then only the remains of the pipe remain in the drawing.

  • @avc beat me to it! There's also a button to do this on the 3D Solid Editing toolbar.

  • Thank You

  • By the way: there are plugins for more convenient subtruction of solids. For example, my "Drill" plugin and the "GAP" command separate solids into separate bodies on their own. No extra buttons are required.

  • Hold on - there are now 2 objects, but the phantom geometry is still there. Notice the grab spots floating in space in both objects.

    I'd also like to know how to turn off those annoying dimensions and colors that pop up.

  • avc:

    As you can probably guess from my newbie question, I'm having enough issues with what comes in the package. I don'y want to add 3rd part options until I'm more comfortable with what naively exists.

    Thanks for the offer though.

  • avc
    edited July 12

    You have a spherical solid surface. And at its center, BricsCAD depicts a grip. This is not a bug, this is a feature. You can turn off the grips altogether. Use system variables _GRIPS, _GRIPCOLOR ...

  • I deleted the sphere. Why would its center still be around and shows up twice connected to the two objects?

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