Blade Lag and focus (randomly) jumping out of LispConsole

I'm having an issue with lag when typing in BLADE. It seems to coincide with me using the console. I'm not sure if it's BLADE or my system itself.

Another issue I'm having (and this one I don't think is as system specific) is that the 'focus' seems to randomly be removed from the LispConsole. For example, copying lines of code to my clipboard and pasting them into the console - sometimes it does nothing. Sometimes it pastes the code into another window. I'm fairly diligent about knowing which window I'm working in so I think this is some sort of a bug/glitch and not to do with anything on my end (such as accidentally hitting my touch pad or any of the other usual suspects).


  • Dear Keith,

    many thanks for your feedback ...
    of course, I will try to address these glitches, just need some scenario(s) that I could reproduce ...
    so far, I did never encounter that mentioned lag when typing, but that might be configuration / machine dependent.

    You might also attach an exported BLADE config (in Registry : "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bricsys\BricsCAD\VLispDbgEditor" to be exported);
    maybe that could help me to identify bottlenecks.

    For the focus problem : best to provide a scenario ... but yes, LispConsole and Editor are mouse-sensitive, so pasting could indeed end-up in wrong window, if the mouse cursor was moved into the other editor/Console window.

    many greetings !

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