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Im new to Bricscad and I'm sure there is an easy solution. I want to work in model space and fix the view in the x-y plane. I use a space mouse and am forever rotating the model im working on.
Am i missing a work in 2-d button or something?

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  • Tom Foster
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    Don't know about modern SpaceMouses but my old SpacePilot mk1 has a '3D' button which locks out any 3D rotation (leaving 2D pan and zoom only) away from whatever rotation is already set. So you have to set 'Top' beforehand, either by the on-screen widget or by the 'T' button on the SpacePilot. Then it stays locked to 2D Top view. Without a SpacePilot, SpaceMouse etc, afaik there's no 2D-lock button, just the on-screen widget to return it to Top if it slips (which it does occasionally).


  • I've never used a space mouse, but I get unwanted 3D navigation sometimes. It happens when I inadvertently press the Shift or Ctrl key while trying to Pan in 2D using the middle button of my 3-button wheel mouse.

  • Type " -view/T/enter" for a top view.

  • @CADXYZ said:
    Type " -view/T/enter" for a top view.

    Will this lock the view to 2D ?
    I think it would be nice to have a locked 2D View to XY,
    like e.g. by activating 2D Wireframe mode.
    So that you can be sure to draw 2D and only on XY Plane
    (taking care of custom height setting in property panel)
    As when working in a single View Pane, you can't even see
    or recognize in which 3rd Dimension your Snap will
    arbitrarily point to.

    I have this in Vectorworks and use it a lot.
    In this case, with "Top Plan View",
    3DConnexion Devices will lock Rotate automatically and you
    can just Zoom and Pan.

    But basically I would like to have such a 2D only option in any orthogonal View,
    XY, XZ and YZ Plane.
    Like 2.5D Mode in 3DSMax. Snap to points in any depth but be sure everything
    will be created in a 2D Plane.

  • Not the answer I was looking for , but I just turned off the rotation option in my Space mouse. Thanks.

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