Autolisp Trans function 2D point incompatibility?

According to the last paragraph of the help documentation concerning the Trans function, it states that a 2D point transformation gets its Z value filled according to the table showned.

Bricscad command (trans '(0.0 0.0) 1 0) returns (0.0 0.0), so without filling the Z as i understand.

While AutoCad command (trans '(0.0 0.0) 1 0) returns (0.0 0.0 0.0), thus allowing caddr function use.

Some older Acad custom programs i have fail in Bricscad because of this...

Is this normal behavior of Bricscad? (im using v21.02.6)


  • Indeed, seems a regression from V19, it was fine in V18 and before :-(
    Going to fix this for the upcoming V22 ...
    many thanks for reporting and many greetings !

  • fixed for V22 ...
    as workaround, for the time being, make sure that the input point is 3D :-(
    thanks & many greetings !

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