"Repeat" will only open Help window

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Hello everyone,
No matter how I issue the "repeat" command (enter, space bar, right click, CTRL + m), BricsCAD will only open the Help window regardless of the previous command I entered. I've checked the forum for this issue. I found some similar cases and messed with the shortcut menu in Settings, and I'm not having any luck. We did just upgrade to V21...for what it's worth. What do you think? Thank you in advance!

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  • martin@enco.us
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    Then perhaps CTRLMOUSE = 0?

  • Ben_Neff
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    Not sure how or when, but seemed like one of our LISP files was causing it. Copied the old version, but working files over and problem is gone. Thank you for the help nonetheless!


  • I set SHORTCUTMENU to have only options 2 + 16 on and set QUADDISPLAY to switch off the QUAD.

  • No luck...I've got my SHORTCUTMENU at 1 and the Quad is off currently.

  • Louis V. posted this in 2016:
    These are the rules regarding right click, context menus and Quad display.
    If 'Quad display on right click' is OFF, right click obeys the rules defined by the SHORTCUTMENU system variable. If the first bitcode is OFF, right click repeats the most recently used command.
    If 'Quad display on right click' is ON, there is a difference between a 'short' and a 'long' right click if the 'Enable shortcut menus when the right mouse button is hold down longer' option of SHORTCUTMENU system variable is selected (= bitcode 16). The normal (short) right click displays the Quad, while a 'long' right click triggers the Shortcut menu behaviour: If the first bitcode of SHORTCUTMENU is OFF, the 'long' right click repeats the most recently used command.

  • Still no luck. Mine seems like it's got something telling it Right click/enter/ctrl+m/spacebar = F1. My colleague went through the same install and menu adjustment and is not having this issue. Lucky me!

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