Setting supports paths using ...

A undocumented method of adding support paths in Autocad was to add 3 periods to the end of support path, the 3 ... meant look further down the tree automatically, so this helped with say

D:\mycompany\LIB... so below Lib was say multi library directories.

I have access to both Acad and Bricscad and both do not seem to support this. Its a hard thing to look for on the web hence asking here.


  • I was told by Owen Wengerd, that this special syntax using "path..." is particulary only for TRUSTEDPATH setting - not for general SupportPaths (?)
    many greetings !

  • I have used this method many years ago and it was for support paths it is very hard to find any information, it falls into that catergory of undocumented help. I know I used it. Maybe pre 2018 Acad.

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