How do I activate Communicator?

I have installed, uninstalled, installed Communicator ad nauseam and I have NEVER seen any place to enter the activation key. When I try to import in BricsCAD it says to install and activate Communicator. At this point I am ready to uninstall all of it and go back to brand-A.
Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Also, is there a help line in my time zone, central United States?

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  • Richard Webb
    Accepted Answer

    It's easy-peasy (#disclaimer: only after the fact).

    The option to manage licenses is under the Help tab on the Menu Bar. If the menu bar is turned off (and that may be the default state in a new installation) then one will search in vain, leading to rending of clothes and tearing of hair.

    To turn the menu bar on if it's off, right click up around the drawing tabs at the top of the screen and click to set the checkmark and enable it. Then head over to Help | License Manager; from there enter the Communicator license key, and bazinga!


  • Thank you, Richard Webb. You are the first one who actually told me where to find the activation menu. Absolutely nothing ever indicated that I had to go there, so I (incorrectly) assumed that I had to do it online. Thanks again.
    And you are right, it is "easy-peasy"... after the fact.

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