Bricscad Communicator installation

I installed Bricscad V22 + Bricscad Communicator. Installation and registry both look ok.
When I look in the licence manager, the Bricscad communicator doesn't show the message "installed".
When I look further, I see the message "Communicator module loading: FAILED"
I tried to repair, remove and reinstall Bricscad Communicator, even removed and reinstalled Bricscad completely. Nothing seems to be working.

Anyone encountered this problem and has a solution for it?


    We apologize for the hiccup. If there are still unresolved issues, please file a Support Request for our experienced staff to address the need in a timely manner.
    If inclined, please reply to this post with the Support Request number and I would be able to follow along for further assistance.
  • Hi,

    the problem was the Windows event log that was full. The system wasn't rebooted for too long.
    Apparantly this an issue that is solved in the latest version of Bricscad.
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