Exporting drawing with details from LAYOUT TO MODEL??

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I'm trying to export a drawing that is done in layout with dimensions and detail windows at different scales. The problem that when I use "export to layout" the interior details disappear...
What solution is there for this?

Pedro Coelho


  • I'm not sure I understand, but one convenient way to move geometry from a paperspace layout to modelspace is with the CHSPACE command. That automatically adjusts the size of everything in accordance with the scale of the viewport, but you may have to manually change the Scale Factor (DimScaleOverall property) of any dimension and leader entities.

    I don't know what you mean by "details" and "interior details." There's no ExportToLayout command in the online command reference. There's an ExportLayout command. It looks like that's intended to export any geometry seen in the layout to a new DWG file.
  • What Pedro Coelho pretends is to create a 2D drawing from a layout of a complex 3D model. I tested with a simple 3D model and it's a bug (reported minutes ago, SR143059 - EXPORTLAYOUT bug with VIEWDETAIL). The generated 2D drawing with EXPORTLAYOUT doesn't maintain the detail boundary. It creates an entity Detailboundary that seems useless (no properties, no List data, not explodable).

  • Anthony Apostolaros
    edited July 12
    João: Do you normally find that the ExportLayout command flattens a 3D object and trims it to the viewport edges? In my older version of Bricscad, it doesn't do that. It trims 2D objects to the viewport edges, but it keeps 3D objects whole and 3D, with no trimming.

    I think the first image you posted has five viewports that show the whole 3D object, and one that shows only part of it. I would expect the output file to have six copies of the 3D object, in different sizes depending on the viewport scales in the source file. Five of them would fit inside the viewport edges, but the sixth one would not. And that's what your second image appears to show.

    If you want the 3D objects flattened and trimmed, I think you can do that in the newer versions of Bricscad (but not in my old version, so I'm not sure). Print the paperspace layout to a PDF file, and then use the new PDFIMPORT command to insert that PDF file as line objects.
  • Hi Anthony! Thanks for feedback. The first image was a layout capture and the second image the EXPORTLAYOUT result. The problem is still in the last version. In ACAD, same drawing, EXPORTLAYOUT works well. While the bug isn't fixed, I also would suggest Pedro to print to PDF.
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