Importing Revit files if you don't have Bricscad BIM

I have the Pro version of Bricscad, but not the BIM functionality. Is there any way to import the 3d data from a Revit file? I find that some manufacturers only publish Revit files these days and it is sometimes hard to get a DWG or other file from them. Just being able to get the geometry (and not all the other BIM data) would be useful.

If there is not a way to do this, it seems (to me at least) that it should be a fairly simple add to the base Bricscad application, since the code is already there to do it with Bricscad BIM.


  • I didn't think of that.
    (as I have BIM)

    So I did a small test in Bricscad Shape.
    I expected it could import the same things as in Bricscad BIM,
    just the same warning as with a DWG that contains BIM Data,
    which will be deleted/overwritten when saved from within Shape.

    But nada.
    Shape import does tone down all potential import file formats
    that i found on my Mac in Import File Open Window.

    "Import" in Shape seems to mean just being able to "open" a DWG.
    Maybe also to open a DXF.
    Not even a DGN. No IFC, No RVT or RFA.

    EDIT : I see Shape would "import" a SketchUp SKP :wink:

    But is this really enough to call such a menu entry "Import" ?
    It could just "Open" the SKP.

    Like Cinema4D or Modo. The first one hasn't even a Import in menu.
    As importing in C4D means just to open possible file formats.
    (Which would save me from Bricscad's need to first open at least a
    blank file before you can import and finally see file contents)

    In Modo "Open" other formats will just open these and by default
    save them in the original file format, while "Import" allows to bring
    in imported content into an existing Modo file.

    Maybe that is the feature of the "Import" entry in Bricscad Shape too.
    To bring a DWG files content directly into your current DWG (?)
  • RSW
    edited August 14
    The ODA viewer can open .rfa and .rvt Revit files. You could try opening your Revit file in the ODA viewer and if the viewer can open the file then it may be possible to resave the file into dwg format. I don't have Revit files at hand so can't test right now if it can resave it to dwg.
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