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Version 2.2.0019

The main improvements(since 2.2.0016c) are:- hatches: inserting, exploding, mirroring, snapping, was problematic with some hatches.- editing dims,reimplemented the dialog. - font support partly rewritten. This surfaced some hidden problems, but also solved others.- some file opening problems are fixed.And some small, although important fixes:- fixed print preview scaling problem with ttf fonts- print preview crash with wheelmouse- ctrl C messed up the color white on the display- full path of font got saved instead of just fontname. This led to opening problems in acad if the font path was long.(fixed in new drawing, not yet in existing drawing).- hatches in clipped xrefs were transformed badly.- minserts were presented wrongly.and a few minor fixes.


  • I can't find any reference to the extend bug in history.txt. Has this been fixed in 2.2.0019?

  • No. It's important, so it'll be soon. No guaranteed date.regards, sanderBricsnet dev

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