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James Maeding


James Maeding
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  • drtucker1980

    Hi James,

    I want to ask you a question about BricsCAD since you work in civil engineering and appear to be prolific on this forum.

    I work for a small non-profit in Colorado. I am their first engineer - they are not set up for CAD, and most of my design work will likely be smaller structures and sites, with the majority centered around water related projects.

    I have used Civil 3D in the past as a consulting engineer, and am trying to find out what the best and most economical alternative to it would be. It appears that BricsCAD with Civil Site Design might be, but I want the opinion of someone more experienced than I am with this software to weigh in.

    Is it possible to buy a lifetime license of BricsCAD, and what are your thoughts about compatability between BricsCAD and AutoCAD?

    Thanks, and Best Regards,

    Daniel Tucker

    August 2020
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    November 2018
  • James Maeding changed his profile picture.
    November 2018
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