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Is in BC alternative to AutoCAD express layer tool: LAYCUR and AI_MOLC

LAYCUR: ...objects to be changed to the current layer

AI_MOLC: ...object whose layer will become current


  • Dear Juraj Matel,

    For AI_MOLC use SETLAYER in Bricscad.

    LAYCUR appears not to be available in BC7. But this simple lisp will do the trick:

    (defun c:LayCur ( / )
    (setvar "cmdecho" 0)
    (princ "\nChange entities to current layer: ")
    (command "_.chprop" (ssget) "" "_layer" (getvar "clayer") "")
    (setvar "cmdecho" 1)

    Regards, Roy.

  • Great. It works. Thanks!

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