Xref fade control

I am trying to use xref fade control, but when changing the settings nothing happens. Is there another setting that needs to be checked for this control to work, or is it a bug that needs to be fixed?


  • The description in the settings is confusing. XFADECTL controls the fading of elements OUTSIDE the insert (xref or block) WHILE the insert is edited in place.

  • We would like o use the xref with  fading but the variable XFADECTL wont work....

    Any advice to fade the xref ? 


    PS: Bricscad is available on mac ?

  • XDWGFADECTL is the proprty to control fading of Xrefs. Unfortunately this feature is not yet available in Bricscad.

    You could do a basic simulation of this by using layer states. Once you have xrefed in all the files you want, and have set there layer settins how you want save the layer state to say "Normal". Then change the layer colours to a grey scale or dull colour to fade. Save this layer state as "FADE". Not as dynamic, and a bit rough.


    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

  • this XDWGFADECTL needs to be added. Should be a simple add. I think CAD has had it since 2006.
  • They need to add locked layer fading, too.
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