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Visible/Hide toolbars with tool

Is possible to make tool in toolbar or command (lisp) which can make/ change visble status for toolbars?


Ie. LISP command "3Don", make vissible toolbars "Solid Editing" and "Isometric Views" and "3Doff" it hide. Or simple "3D" make visible or hide this two toolbars.


  • Juraj,

    My understanding is that you want to know how to make toolbars visible or hidden. Here is a sample code:

    ID_GT_PL2         [_Toolbar("Polyline Tool Set 2", _Floating, _Show, 100, 150, 1)]

    // The above two lines defines a toolbar heading

    To show the toolbar, the code is:::::: (command "._toolbar" "Polyline Tool Set 2" "_show")

    To hide the toolbar, the code is:::::: (command "._toolbar" "Polyline Tool Set 2" "_hide")

    Hope this helps.

    Rakesh Rao


  • Great! This is exactly what I need. Thanks!

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