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Does anybody have any experience with geolocating information in Bricscad, or be able to point me in a direction of a tutorial?


  • Hello,

    geolocating information

    what do you mean with "geolocating information. If you want use the NMEA data from a gps reseiver, you can lsten the port (e.g. using VBA).

  • Hi,

    maybe this link about Geolocation in Bricscad helps? Unfortunately only in German.
  • Geographic Location is used for Solar lighting in renderings. The geographic location can be set in the Editor pane of the Drawing Explorer - Lights dialog.
  •  Without the use of a gps. if I know the longitude and latitude of a point, how would I input the information in Bricscad?
  • Q: if I know the longitude and latitude of a point, how would I input the information in Bricscad?
    A: You convert longitude and latitude to UTM and use the obtained UTM coordinates as x,y coordinates in Bricscad where x=Easting y=Northing (the UTM coordinates express meters).
    A web search on "lat/lon to utm" will point you towards online tools to perform such conversions from longitude and latitude to UTM. Once you have UTM coordinates these can be entered directly in CAD. Keep in mind:
    cad X = UTM east
    cad Y = UTM north
  • Since the subject of GeoLocation in BrisCAD was brought up (albeit some time ago), there is now a very low cost add-on tool called GeoLocation+ that allows BricsCAD users to assign a coordinate system in the drawing, then add points by Lat/Long by simply using an 'AC (transparent alternate coordinates) command. This is only the beginning as the tools include the ability to import and export maps in various formats (including KML/KMZ), managed extended data (Fields & Values) on any object (like a polyline), generate background aerial images and much more.

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