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 When I enter the commands:

E    and then enter,            [erase command]
There is a pop up window for the options for erase such as window, etc.

How can I make window   (W)  the default for erase or other commands  
without having to make a selection from the pop up window or maybe have to enter   [W and enter]  ?

It would be nice if it were similar to Autocad Lt that either  entity or window   [either or] were the default.

Thanks  H. Hampton.


  • You shouldn't have to pick an option for the erase command.
    Window and Crossing selection should be available automatically for any command, and for pre-selection without a command active.
    Do you have PICKAUTO turned off? That would cause the problem, but it would affect all selection, not just for Erase.
  •  Probably you just want to turn off the prompt menu. Just type PROMPTMENU and set to 0.
  •  Do the following to modify the ERASE tool (not the command):
    - Choose CUSTOMIZE in the TOOLS menu.
    - Select the ERASE tool in the EDIT toolbox in the AVAILABLE TOOLS list.
    - In the command field add ;w; 
    the command field now reads: ^c^c_erase;w;
    Click the OK button to confirm the changes.
    The ERASE toolbutton and the ERASE menu item will now prompt to draw a selection window.
    If you want to use a shortcut, you must define one in the KEYBOARD section of the CUSTOMIZE window.
  •  Thanks to all for your replies.
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