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User-Defined Paper Sizes & Calibration - Missing

I am at migration from ACAD 2012, to BC v17 and I have a BIG problemm with plotting.

I want to set my Paper Sizes, i can't found it at v17. I am using over 30 not standard paper sizes.

By searching at Google I find out that at the BC v9 ( the PC3 have the option "User-Defined Paper Sizes & Calibration", but now v16/v17 have only "... Calibration".

The question is how can i set my Paper Sizes and why the option is off.

Please help me I am stopping :neutral:

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  • not sure what your "default.pc3" is. The paper sizes and options available are defined by the printer you are using. Where are you trying to print?

    1. "default.pc3" is from Bricscad Help ( Paper Sizes & Calibration) :smile:
    2. If I want to print 1 page, it will be not a problem, but i have DWG with 20 layouts in 4 different paper sizes and it's a problem.
    3. In attach screenshots from ACAD 2012 and BC v17 with comment.
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  • as i said as far as i know and use it, this different paper sizes are configured in the printer settings, that are available through "benutzerdefinierte eigenschaften".

    With my printer for example it looks like the attached photos. as soon as you defined your formats in your printer you can choose them in bricscad with "papiergrösse".

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  • benjamin schlanz - Danke :smiley:

    But so I see the problem is bigger that I mean.

    1. Under ACAD I use HDI driver and the Canon iPF650 print very fast a drawing give many options (Draft, Eco. ..).
    2. I have make my owne paper size, but other users, at the Office can not use the same paper sizes becuse the setting while be saved at the local PC (driver settings) :( .
  • See my post here
    Make sure you save the drawings with an active printer that all of you can access or else you hit "cannot find printer" when you try to print.
    If you do you have to go thru "Archive/Page SETUP..." which is a bit of a pain.
    I make separate .PC3 files for custom papersizes.

  • Sorry My CADSETUP library sits on a network drive that we all mapp as X:

  • Thank for the solution.

    Only the solution is for my horible -> "Time is mony" -> I must create over 40 *.pc3 files :(

    I get start working.

  • I don't know for certain, but you may be able to copy the .pc3 files from your computer, and then put the copies in the same location on the other user's computer. That, at least, will save you have to creating all the paper sizes manually for each computer.


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