Mark a question down as answered.

Can we get a feature for marking a question down as answered. I asked a question on here almost a month ago and I figured it out on my own. It still shows up in the unanswered section. There should be a way for the original poster to mark the question as answered similar stack exchange. Otherwise someone other than me would have to reply to my question for it to be marked as answered.

Hopefully I'm not missing something.


  • This feature seem to be implemented now, but how to use it?

  • Not even on purpose. I came here precisely to ask for that... :wink:

  • When posting a new topics, click the arrow down button to change the type.
    When selecting the type "Ask a questions" there will be functionality to "mark as answered".


  • ????
    I always get the "New posting - dialogue", but no modification of the existing posting. Please add more screenshots or a screencast.

  • Bump up - could anyone solve it?

  • Refreshing ... :'(:/

  • I don't know if it would be considered acceptable use, but if you are the OP then you can edit the original question and in the editor change the subject line to include the word "Answered". Though it would be nice to see a feature like that.

  • @Sander Scheiris
    14 months later - something on this? Any reproducible documentation?

  • Kerry Brown
    edited June 2019

    Perhaps the web-master could be persuaded to make the 'Ask A Question' option the default.
    ... so that people like me who don't know about the capability and options get it by uhmmm 'default'
    My guestimate would be that there are significantly more question than discussion threads

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