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Linetype loader for BricsCAD


I'm running and checking codes for compatibility.
One of which is a linetype loading device.
During loading this comes forward. What does it mean, where do i have look for?

; error : Automation Error 80020009; [IAcadLineTypes] Error accessing [LOAD] method. ErrIndex=0;
Undefined LineType



  • Is your file "RH-iso.lin" in a folder declared as support/search path ?
    Please try
    (findfile "RH-iso.lin")
    should return the full filename ... but if NIL, then the file is not found.
    many greetings !

  • not nil, it is there allright.
    Maybe a supporting .shx missing.

  • Hello Hans,

    can you open a support request for this, and add the small Lisp routine and your .lin file ? So we can investigate ...
    many greetings !

  • edited June 2017

    No need for that Torsten.
    I'm running the classic BricsCAD version ..

    I must say, i like the clear feedback & messages from BricSCAD.
    In AutoCAD i would use 'simulate' to run lisp and figure it out
    "VBA is not included in your license.
    Unable to recognize command "LOADLINETYPE.DVB!ACADPROJECT.MODULE1.RHISOLIN_LOAD". Please try again. "

    VBA is a pain in the butt anyway and i will have little remorse forgetting some lisps that rely on them
    So many ways to get the get some linetypes in. "Lee Mac Steal" probably does a better job anyway!
    My new linetype loader will be this :)

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