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Modifying chamfers on 3D objects ?

The Presspull tool is without a doubt my go to 3D modelling tool. I do have a question though. If I were to modify a chamfer on a 3D object, that was originally modelled as 50x50, and wanting to chamge to 30x30, what is the best way to do this ?

Presspull allows me to modify the chamfer edge, but the modification dimension is perpedicular to the chamfer. See video for clarity.

I cannot find a way with tab or similar to get the dimension to display the chamfer edge distance. Is this at all possible. I mean I can still edit it as is, but requires to do some trigonometry first to get the correct value to enter for presspull as is, to get the correct result.


  • The best way to modify the chamfer is to first remove it using pushpull, then recreate it.

  • Or, be a lazy guy like me and let the program do the math. Use Snap Track Lock to get a line that starts at the corner and, from there, draw a line the desired depth of the chamfer. Then select the face and Push/Pull from the Quad to snap to the end of that line. Done.

    Louis' way is probably faster, especially if you need to change the chamfer around all four sides.

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