mac/ freeing program window without 2nd screen?

I´m working on a macbook with a second monitor. If I forget to make Bricscad´s program window small enough and drag it with all the other windows (properties...) to the laptop´s screen, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS the upper part of the program window to drag or resize it!
Is there any setting or command to access program windows being displayed somewhere in "the void"? If I have entered a command like "settings" and it happens to be displayed outside the actual screen area, I just had to "kill" Bricscad without saving... :-(

Unlike auto cad Bricscad seems not to be able to recognize the present display situation???

I´d be very grateful for a solution! Thanks


  • This will likely need to be a Mac specific solution, and would be the same for other Mac programs as well.

    I have a similar problem on my Windows computer. I am guessing that both of our operating systems set aside a rectangular area of memory for all displays, even for the blank areas. Thus, those windows can get lost in the empty space.

    In my case, it was a variety of types of BricsCAD dialog boxes. In those cases, the standard Windows OS technique would not work, since only BricsCAD really could control these sub-windows. There were some utilities created by various people. It would not surprise me if your Mac BricsCAD also needed to use one of these.

    See this thread.


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