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Good Shape ...

I'm trying Shape... I had soon the impression that could be really a good and better alternative to Sketchup.
I'm really appreciated the tool to easily connect, trim and extend forms, wall, etc...
I hope for some new features:
* saving scene/view to export in dwg or jpg;
* a better rendering shadows;
* dimensions;
* more stability;
here my test of my renovation project

Schermata 2018-07-06 alle 17.43.47.png
1107 x 1037 - 108K


  • Nice !

    Where did you set your nice red Section Face Color,
    or is this just the 2D Overlay ?

  • Hi Michael... i'm just colorized the face on top of the wall.
    The 2d is a reference draw made with another sw that I can update and then modify the 3d in BC shape

  • Nice !
    Didn't expect that you could apply different colors (materials too ?)
    to a single Solid.


  • No need to explode, just select the face

  • yes, but for now, if you apply a material, you lose this feature. It doesnt apply material o a single face...
    but I hope in next upgrade

  • Indeed, only color per Face in Shape.

    But Material per Face works in Bricscad.
    So in Shape more a problem of the limited UI without
    Property Panel or configurable Roll Over Tips.

  • if u need color any face just select face and change color from QUAD CURSOR menu ( press f12 if not visibl When you pass the cursor over an entity ),, if u need apply different material to each faces of one solid explode solid working with me

    1276 x 747 - 29K
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