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Recommended Linux Distro

I have been running Bricscad for Linux on Mint 18 and wonder what would be the preferred distro...perhaps the one that the Bricscad developers use?


  • I would also like to know.
    Or at least which desktop system is preferred or not recommended.

    So far I preferred KDE over Gnome
    (But am not sure because it is more about the desktop theme and some
    more control. While I don't like certain features like hidden scroll bars or
    favorite icons disappearing when an App is open or the whole transparency
    and animation features)

    Nevertheless I tried on a Parallels VM (which you should not do),
    both, Ubuntu and Kubuntu with latest Bricscad Linux.
    BC runs (slow but fine) on Kubuntu KDE while BC crashes on Ubuntu Gnome.
    Not representive because VM, but I think there are differences though.

  • @Risto Saarikko, if I am to translate "perhaps the one that the Bricscad developers use?", I would say: you don't want trouble caused by Linux distro x, so tell me what you use and test with. I am curious about the answer too.

  • Ubuntu and/or Mint :-)
    if possible, do not use the latest Ubuntu/Mint version - they too often change dependencies in a backward-incompatible way ...

    Personally, I use Mint 17 with Gnome ... runs rather nice, even inside a VM :smile:
    many greetings !

  • ^ Thanks Torsten.

    And the Desktop choice does matter ?

  • Okay, so we have Mint, Ubuntu and... Debian is mentioned from time to time. Trying not to create more questions, is it recommended to to run v18 at the current date on the following platforms?
    * Mint 17
    * [X|K]Ubuntu 17.10
    * Debian 9

    As far as VM's are concerned, for testing I use VirtualBox on Xubuntu 16.04 with Win7 as a guest. Flawless and fast, except for hardware rendering, modelling is no problem as long as I stick to wireframes.

  • @Michael Mayer said:
    And the Desktop choice does matter ?

    Likely not that important ... though we have reports about some strange visual glitches, with some desktop window managers ...
    so GNOME seems to be at least a somewhat more compatible + consistent environment, over several K/X/Ubuntu versions, from our experience.

    @Wiebe van der Worp said:
    * Debian 9

    should be fine as well :smile:
    many greetings !

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