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My Chili Contest Entry

I am transitioning our office of 100 civil engineers to bricscad (+ lots of in house add-ons) over the next year and wanted to advertise it with this at the company chili contest.
Note that it is purely fictitious. There is no copywrite I am claiming, that would be rediculous, and no money being made. Consider it an art project :)

Note that I do actually make good chili. I'll post the recipe if I win, but I do have copywrite on the recipe and will chase anyone down that makes millions, oh, uh I mean BILLIONS, from it!

425 x 425 - 90K


  • So I should expect to see you at the chili cookoff on Thursday James? Did you submit an entry/team name with Kristie? ;)

    All seriousness aside, anyone is welcome to join. Really fun(and 100% free) event if you're in SoCal.

    PM or email( me if you want to attend and have any questions!

    30th Annual Chili Cookoff.png
    999 x 1250 - 2M
  • edited October 2018

    Sorry Chris, I can't make it. This will be for the Irvine contest.
    If you have a sand volleyball tourney sometime, I'll show up for that for sure.
    I might have to leave early though if I get a call from my top gun sergeant waiting for dinner.

  • edited October 2018

    For all that have been biting their capsaicin burned cuticles waiting for the results......
    I got a certificate of participation! At least I was not disqualified, so my co-workers told me.
    Here was my display:

  • DSCF4449 Resamp-50.jpg
    2448 x 1632 - 1M
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