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Selection Window

I'm wondering if there is a parameter to have the entitys that are currently selected with the selection window highlighted like autocad. It's nice to know what entity's are selected as i'm moving the selection window.



  • Normally, selected entities are highlighted. If there aren't too many of them, their grips are shown too. Maybe you somehow got the HIGHLIGHT variable turned off?

  • Thanks Anthony,

    In Autocad, when I pick my first point of the selection window and move my cursor across the screen it will highlight the entities that would be selected before I select the position of the second point. So, as I move my cursor every which way on the screen entities are highlighted as the go in out of the selection window.

  • Sounds like the "selectionpreview" variable

  • Selection Preview applies to hovering over entities only, not to window selection methods.

  • Just tried all "selectionpreview" settings none of them did what i'm looking for. Maybe on the next release of BricsCAD 2019 or 2020! :p


  • I second that,
    it is a great help in crowded files.

  • @ericvandee
    Please file a support request and describe the desired behavior to get it on the 'Feature Request' list.

  • Great idea, will do!

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