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v19 incomplete transfer of v18 customization

I recently installed v19 and, when prompted, chose to transfer v18 customization. Some, but not all items transferred. Lisp files seem OK, menus and some workspace details not, for example. (I think the LISP files are specified with absolute file paths to a root-level customization directory and the other stuff may be relative and therefore transparently end up pointing at the v19 equivalents, I'll check on that)

Can I just copy v18's default.cui file to the v19 directory, and if so, will it turn off any new v19 features, lacking the relevant setting? If so, is there a list of the new features and corresponding variable names so that I can go turn them back on?

I'll also take a look at the CUI files and see if they're compatible with a differencer such as BeyondCompare or ExamDiff.


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    Hi Steve, V19 has a "CUI diff" tool built in: start CUI, press [Manage customizations]. You'll see everything that differs from a default out-of-the-box V19 .cui.

  • Right, I did look at that, but how does that help me enumerate what's missing from what I did to v18? Can I open the v18 CUI file in the v19 differ?

    And what the quickest and safest way to get all the v18 customizations ported to v19? (Safe from breaking stuff as well as safe from turning off new features)

  • Can I open the v18 CUI file in the v19 differ?

    Yes, just make it the main .cui (I'd copy it to V19 and replace the V19 default.cui). Then just revert everything except what you want to preserve.

  • Steve, if you're going to put efforts in it, you may want to consider using partial menu's and leave default.cui the way it is.

  • I am aware of partial CUIs, but so far as I know, they can only add to the default. I do have numerous additions but also many deletions.

    What I ended up doing was using the very cool differencer from v19 to compare the out-of-box and customized v18 CUIs, then armed with that list, manually modified the v19 default, and kept a copy of the v19 difference list for next time.

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