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Make a user-defined CUI suitable for standard and 4k monitor?

Edit: Unnecessary question ...

~~I'm onV19 and try to make my CUI (only ribbons, no toolbars) suitable for standard and for 4k monitors. My own icons (PNG) will be stored in a RESZ file.

I'm studying the document "Customizing BricsCAD V18", but
- "selecting small and large icons" is only for PNG files, not RESZ
- "small and large settings" are only effective on toolbars, not ribbons

So how to maintain ribbons for standard and 4K?~~


  • Hi Peter2, are you on Windows? In that case you can do a general enlargement. RESZ is the container for PNG files, I do always zip the PNGs without compression to the RESZ file. Using 32*32 pixel bitmaps is fine for larger buttons on High res monitors. Changing the font size of the command line is an option too. Ribbon: No idea, never use it.

  • Thanks Wiebe

    in the meantime I made some configurations and saw that my question was not necessary. I will remove it.

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