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Where to start?

Is .NET the best place to start plugin development ? I'm interested in only on Windows platform and feel AutoLISP is not future proof and not very applicable outside BricsCAD. Why there is not much information on .NET development with BricsCAD - as in AutoCAD?


  • Hi Resto. LISP is very popular for several reasons. To name a few: It's been very future proof for 60 years ;-) . With little efforts much results. Tons of examples and solutions (for learning). Easy to learn. With Windows not an obvious choice any more, LISP runs on all platforms.

    There are reasons not to use it too, but you mentioned "starting plugin development" and in that case I would go for LISP and later focus on C if you feel the need. Just 2ps and definite don't want to start a flame war :-)

  • I agree with you Wiebe, but my future plans are interactions with programs outside BricsCAD - CNC, Office, WEB, etc. So, I think .NET is the best bet. But the lack of tutorials and guides is making things harder to start. Indeed, there are tons of free to look inside LISP routines and some very nice books for LISP development - not so for .NET!

  • I've gone the opposite direction: from Lisp (90's: yes, I'm old) to VB now. It is primarily the interfacing and structure of vb that I like. My biggest mistake was going basic, not C, simply because I had some exposure to basic previously. Other than that, VB is great. On the lack of samples specific to Bricscad: the vb interface that the BC people have created is brilliant, and very comprehensive ( in that it emulates the Autocad interface extremely well. This means you can use a massive amount of Autocad programming samples and use them in the BC environment. There's my 2 cents worth. Dive in: the water is fine.

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