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No zoom during command


First post here.
I can not zoom when I in a command.
I'm using a Mac with Bricscad pro version V18.2.27.



  • Which commands? How do you invoke the zoom command? If you use the keyboard you should prefix the zoom command with ' (the apostrophe).

  • For example I'm drawing a line and I try to zoom in to a specific point by scrolling with my mouse.

  • Can your mouse scroll in another application? Can your mouse have an issue?

  • No, my mouse (and wheel) are working. When I'm out the command, I can zoom in and out.
    I'm using an MX Master from Logitech.

  • I can confirm this issue. I would send a SR.
    In general I find that the Mac version does not become fully operational for production work. In fact, this pitfall is what prevents me from definitely switching from Windows to Mac. By the way, when will v19 for Mac come out?

  • I got an email ( this morning stating that the Linux version of V19 is expected to be available in May. I didn't ask about Mac.

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    I think the Mac Version came usually somewhere in February (?)

    didn't realize the zoom issue as I work with Pen Input and have no
    Scroll Wheel - I have to navigate with a 3D Connexion Device.

    Same behavior on Mac (Mojave?) for latest v18 Shape and Bricscad ...

    Edit : I filed a SR ...

  • Yes I'm using Mojave.

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    Do you by any chance use a Magic Mouse or another Wireless Device ?

    As it was in reach I tested with my old Magic Mouse, as I am Wacom Pen
    Input only. I could reproduce Zoom not working, same for my Wireless
    Wacom Remote Sensor Wheel.
    But it works fine for me here with any other USB Mice I have access to.

  • You are right, Michael. Wired mice solve this problem (Mojave + BricsCAD 18.2.27).

  • That is extraordinary - any idea why?

  • Could this be wireless interference between wireless products?

    Take inventory of all the wireless devices and turn them off one by one to see if the suspected mouse comes back to normal operation. Don't forget WiFi routers, and even computers using their WiFi ports, most of which are on the 2.4GHz band.

  • Yes but if it's interference that wd have a general effect on function - this seems to be just on one particular command - or is a problem with sending two 'commands' at once over wireless?

  • @Tom Foster

    Without electronic sniffing gear it's impossible to know what's going on at any moment. Wireless is inherently unreliable and is why they build in switching functionality so it can hop around till it finds an opening to transmit a signal. With enough wireless gear operating that hole in the spectrum gets more and more difficult to find. That's what interference is. One vendor's gear may be slower or less immune to the chatter other gear is putting out.

    Personally, I'm getting rid of my wireless gear including WiFi routers. All they run are tablets, smart phones and mice because wireless is too damned slow for computer to computer communications unless you opt for very high frequency gear. All my machines backup their data nightly to a central server. With a wired connection it takes a minute or two per box. With wireless it takes seemingly forever. It's when I want a backup right now that I can't wait for wireless.

    The next generation is higher frequency and with every increase in frequency the signal penetrates the human body just a bit more. We're all living in a microwave oven, but at low power. No one knows what that's doing long term.

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    Amen to that last para - and be branded a crank.
    Wifi is Off in this house, all cabled, no tablets or smartphones so no need.
    Phone signal has only just reached us, sadly.
    Even worse, BT having failed to wire Dartmoor for fast broadband, now Airband has the contract to do it by wireless. I stagger on with 1Mbps down the phone line - not a problem actually - no streaming here thanks.
    A physicist neighbour, after a lifetime in the phone industry, devotes his retirement to exposing what the phone cos know damn well. Shielding cd be built into every phone for £0.05p but they won't do it because it would be an admission that there's a problem.

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