Coming from Microstation to BricsCAD - help

Hello All,
I've just moved from Bentleys' Microsation to BricsCad and looking for some comparison, "translation" from one to another of some options. Is there any PDF sheet or web that shows differences and similarities?

Can I copy single elements (polylines) from xref to main drawing in BricsCAD?


  • fs_at12
    edited February 2019

    its almost the same "question"

    there is a function called ncopy (copy nested objects) its in the express tools
    this will do what you need

  • You can copy entites from an XRef using REFEDIT:
    1. Double click the Xref.
    2. Click the OK button on the Reference Edit dialog box. If not already open, the Ref Edit toolbar displays.
    3. Copy the entities needed (Copy command).
    4. Select the copied entities and click the 'Remove from Refedit' toolbutton on the Ref Edit toolbar.
    5. Click the Refclose and Discard button on the Ref Edit toolbar.
    Make sure the value of the XEDIT system variable of the XRef is 1 or ON.

  • @fs_at12 and @Louis Verdonck Thank you for advices, both work for me fine.
    But coming back to my elementary question is there any comparision or "translation" book, article, sth from microstation to BCad?

  • Michael Mayer
    edited February 2019

    Ex Microstation user here also.

    I think you will find much more relevated information
    if you look for Microstation to Autocad.

    As for File Conversion, v19 has DGN import.
    But I am not able to bring any Smart Solids into Bricscad as
    a true Solid that way. Just Lines or Faces at best.
    So for me the best way, if you still have access to MS, is just
    to export a DWG from MS. Will come in or open fine in Bricscad.

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