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Sweep twist angle

edited June 2019 in 3D Tips and Tricks

Seems I can't get twist angle more than 360? In AutoCAD there is no limit - this is with twist angle 3500:

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  • I created a long, thin, straight strip and was able to twist it 3600 degrees. I then created a strip in the shape of a hoop, whose ends almost met. When I ran DMTWIST on it, and a bend of 3600 degrees, the command didn't do anything. When I gave it a twist of 90 degrees, it produced unpredictable results, as shown in the attached screen shot.. I think the BricsCAD version is only good for twisting straight objects.

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  • Thanks, Jim
    but I was talking abut the twist angle of the sweep command.

  • Maybe there are other ways to get to the result (?)

    Like Bending 1 or 2 Helixes and Extruding Along Path
    or copying and rotating a few Profiles and Revolve,
    Extrude, Sweep, Loft and such things, using all their
    options (?)

  • For BricsCAD issues you're best to raise a support request. Look for SR92431 in the release notes of a future update.

    Jason Bourhill
    CAD Concepts

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