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plot outside of a poligonal viewport


I have a big problem with Bricscad..

when i create a Poligonal viewport in the paperspace (not rectangular viewport) with a few vertex.. like 7.... when plot (any plotter, even print as PDF option)... lines, text and other model entities plot outside the poligonal viewport..

i tried freezing and on/off the viewport layer.. using VP layer or Defpoint layer for the viewport... nothing..

i am uploading a file for example

in magenta color is the poligonal viewport

any solution?

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-04 at 09.15.52.jpeg
1280 x 859 - 64K


  • What a messy drawing! Your viewport is outside the page boundaries.

  • i don't use the page view in the viewport... i don't like that. I disabled it in settings..

    but this is not the point @CADMebel ...

    the drawing is an example of the problem.

    can you reproduce the problem?

  • I can confirm the issue. After a bit of paying around I find that (some of?) the texts in modelspace are causing the problem. But I can't identify what is wrong with them. Copying all texts in-place (tip: use Quick Select), and then deleting the originals fixes things.
    You should send in a Support request.

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