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I'm trying out BricsCAD switching over from AutoCAD and I'm really missing the ability to select certain layouts in order to plot just them. As publishing is set up now, it feels very clunky and requires a new (8kb) file per job and multiple dialog boxes per publish to get to the same point that in AutoCAD only ever required a shift-click. But, I'm just starting in BricsCAD, so I may have missed something. With that in mind, what's the best way to accomplish publishing selected layouts in BricsCAD?

To clarify what I've done so far: I've set up a .dsd sheet list file for a certain job, and every time I want to publish the sheets I want (as designated by this file) for this job, I select the file from the drop-down list in the Publish dialog box. The first message box I'm hit with is a request to either Replace all sheets or append to the list. There's no way to avoid this box: I can't tell Publish to open without any preloaded sheets and I can't choose a default action. Then, once I Replace all sheets, I'm told the current settings in the Publish dialog box are different from the .dsd file. Even more irksome is that this second message box happens every time because I've saved the layer information option to be "Use all layers with visible entities" but that is always overridden with the third option: "Use all layers with entities, including OFF and FROZEN layers". Finally, I have to revert the layer information option and re-save the .dsd file (especially if I change any other options) before I'm ready to publish the layouts I want.

Am I missing something? The layer information option issue definitely seems like a bug, but the fact that publishing selected layouts is so much harder in BricsCAD than it is in AutoCAD seems like an annoyingly large oversight. I'm not the first to bring this up either, it seems like a few others have wanted the same feature, but as of v19 nothing exists to simplify publishing.

Maybe Publish needs an option to open with no layouts selected or open with a .dsd file preloaded if one exists, though I never had to make publish set files in AutoCAD, so the latter solution is still slightly off-putting. Or, maybe the Drawing Explorer needs a paradigmatic shift to separate Page Setups from Layouts. Then, we could select the layouts you want in the Drawing Explorer (like we can in Page Setups) and choose to publish just those. Either way, I'm hoping to find a solution to this or gather support towards a feature request.

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