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3D Mirror options

When in top view (a 2D view), I want to 3D Mirror a solid.

I pick the solid, pick 3D Mirror and then am presented with a list of options on the command line, one of which is 'Y-Z plane'. The same option is also provided from a GUI drop down. If I use the GUI it works. If I try to select via the command line, nothing I key in resembling 'Y-Z plane' works.

How do I select the 'Y-Z Plane' option via the command line?


  • It never occurred to me to leave out the '-'.

    I tried y, Y, y-z, Y-Z, y-z plane, etc and none of them worked. I assumed one needed to key in some portion of the sequence as presented in the options list to get it to work.

    Since none of the hot characters are in any way highlighted, how is someone supposed to know what to enter?

  • Perhaps try using the MANIPULATOR . To display the manipulator, do a long left button press on your selected 3D solid. If you hover over the cone arrows at the end of the axis you will see mirror planes appear. Pressing CTRL, then the picking the desired axis cone will trigger a mirror copy.

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  • I do use the Manipulator periodically to move things in a particular X, Y or Z direction. I really like it's repeat copy functionality.

    I have yet to use it for rotations or mirrors because I didn't associate the Manipulator with those tasks even though I knew it has those abilities.

    Habits are hard to break!

    Now that you reminded me, it will be more fresh in my mind.

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