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need help in VBA

Dear all,

I wonder can anyone be able to help to correct a VBA code on excel that runs on Autocad, but not on Bricscad Professional version. Sorry I'm not good in VBA .

Attached is a excel file with Macros that I complies straight away got errors

Bill of material.xls


  • Hi Bun Soon Tjia, you may want to contact the developer,

  • Dear Wiebe van Der Worp,

    I wonder are you working in Vectre, I just need the VBA code for the Micrsoft office Excel to open up the latest bricscad version 19 and that is all. Wondering will you be able to point out some statement that need to change ?

    Thank you
  • It wouldn't take the original developer very long to make the necessary changes, and no doubt they would be happy to look into how they could make those changes to work with BricsCAD. As questions about commercial software are not really the realm of public forums.

  • Hi Bun Soon Tjia
    I had the impression that it was a function of "BOM extractor". That appears not to be the case. For me, VBA is an environment that I try not to use. So I can't help you further, possibly someone else or, as Steven suggests, contact the developer.

  • Thanks all, already sent a request to the Bricsys developer. Hope someone assist me from there.
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