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Keyboard is not working in BLADE

I plan to buy Bricscad 19 for Linux and has downloaded the "trial" version. I will mainly devote myself to programming in Lisp and I now look up BLADE. To my horror I discover
that the editor refuses to accept "a" and "l". At the first attempt, "t" fumbled, BLADE instead displayed a dialog box with text that contained ".... long line marker". In the command line for Bricscad the keyboard works normally.

I am on Ubuntu 18.04

Thanks for help
/ Alf


  • I can confirm that, forced me to use Geany, which does a great job after choosing Lisp and adding the plugin "Addons" for double clicking variables and their occurrence (even working better than Notepad++ to my surprise, maybe a bit brain food for Torsten ;-) ).

  • edited October 2019

    Thanks for your reply, I'm thus not alone on this problem.
    Have just tested some more and found that if I use "Caps Lock" and hold down "Shift" I can type "a" and "l". It all seems strange as I can write unobtrusively at the "command prompt" in Bricscad. It should probably be the same to interpret the keyboard in both cases.

    Does the Windows version have same problem?

  • Windows does not have that issue.

    I am using Xubuntu 19.04 by the way. Keyboard "Generic 105-key PC (intl.)" and two layouts: "English US, Euro on 5" "English US, intl., with dead keys"

  • Alf, you could consider creating a support request about it.

  • Yes, I have already done so.

  • We are on this problem. It is not yet resolved, but we are getting closer. Can you try to disable RESTORELOSTFOCUS and the lookfrom? According to my findings the problem then no longer happens. Naturally the lookfrom is still needed, but at least this is a useful narrow down to start with...

  • Hi Tijs
    No "a" and "l" after that so far, sorry for that.

  • Oh, you're right. Sorry I mixed up with the V20 version, in which character typing in Blade is fixed. In V20 there is however another problem in Blade, related to RESTORELOSTFOCUS and the lookfrom.

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