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Unbounded Hatch

in the other cad
allows to draw hatch interactively
Can this BCAD or does anyone know of lisp or such.


  • edited October 2019

    Do you mean like this?

    ; Create a hatch by picking its corner points.
    (defun c:h2 ( / b1)
    (command "pline")
    (while (> (getvar "cmdactive") 0) (command pause))
    (setq b1 (entlast))
    (command "pedit" b1 "close" "")
    (command "-hatch" "s" b1 "" "")
    (command "erase" b1 "")
    ; (command "draworder" "L" "" "B")
    ; (command "selgrips" "L" "") (setq ss1 (ssget)) 
    ;  (if ss1 (setq ent1 (entsel "Select Object to clone from...")))
    ;  (if ent1 (command "Matchprop" ent1 ss1 ""))
    ; (command "selgrips" "L" "")
    ; If you delete the semicolon before the Draworder command,
    ;   it will move the new hatch entity to the back.
    ; If you delete the semicolons before the next 3 lines,
    ;  it will prompt you for an object to copy properties from,
    ;  and then assign those properties to the new hatch.
    ; If you delete the semicolon before the final Selgrips command,
    ;   it will leave the new hatch selected and highlighted,
    ;   so you can choose its pattern from the Properties panel.
  • Anthony Apostolaros,
    Very cool lisp routine; now have an H2 & H3 (selgrips option) added to the toolbox. Thank you.

  • Mike,

    I like it too. Thanks for the idea.

    My first impression was "why would anybody want that?" But it was easy to write, so I tried it. And then I saw that it would be very useful. So I put it in my automatically-loaded lisps file. Now I don't have to have polylines ready to select for select-polyline hatching, or layers that I can turn off temporarily for pick-points-inside hatching.

    I only use the one with Selgrips, though. I work with PickAdd off. All my entity-creating commands end with the newly created entities selected. All my editing commands end with the selection set that was moved, rotated, etc. still selected.

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