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After V19 upgrade toolbar layout messed up in V18

After upgrading to V19 all seemed well, toolbar locations were the same as in V18. The problem is going back in V18 all
the toolbar locations are messed up. Tried creating a new V19 profile but it still does it, no matter if it's V18 or V19.
Apparently one is affecting the other, despite having different profiles. I don't understand, this didn't happen upgrading
from V16 to V18. I like to work in the older release until the newer one's "kinks" are worked out but I guess I'll have to
commit one way or the other. Anyone have any solutions for this please?


  • For what it's worth, I'm keeping V18 active for the foreseeable and haven't experienced what you describe. The V19 and V18 toolbars are both behaving normally, with no cross action between the two installations.

    So, not a global issue. Reaching deep for possible causes ... Any chance that you have a hardcoded environmental variable that was set outside of the normal installation routine? Do your %APPDATA%\bricsys\bricscad and %LOCALAPPDATA%\bricsys\bricscad directories have separate subdirectories for V18 and V19?

  • Well that's not good, was hoping someone else was going thru the same thing.

    Everything seems to be setup ok regarding directories, V18 & V19 are separate. Didn't do anything outside the normal install, it asked me about
    keeping the settings in V18 so went with that. I'll keep digging, it's driving me nuts.

  • By default some GUI information is stored in the CUI file. So if V18 and V19 use the same CUI, GUI changes in V19 may impact V18.

  • Yep, had to create a new V19 profile from scratch and tweak the toolbar locations on a "bare-bones setup". All is well now, hopefully when V20 comes out this won't be an issue again.

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