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edited November 2019 in 2D Drafting

Attached are 2X dwg of a deliverable and the .pdf printed prior to closing the drawing.

4499-001 - The .pdf printed all the multileaders and this was from the last saved version of the .dwg before closing. When opening the .dwg all the multileaders are now invisible, I can qselect the multileaders and I can see all the hinge and insertion points, I can copy those entities into a blank template and they appear but do not appear if I copy them back into the drawing. there's a .bak from 2 minutes before the final modified time on the .dwg and that doesn't show any mleaders either.

4478-001 - I've also had similar problems with dynamic blocks where they are only present in the viewports and not the model space. The blocks can be seen in viewport "5 plan" and I could copy-paste them out of the viewport into a blank template.

These issues appear to have been happening since 28/11/19.

ELS Asset Survey - 4499-001 CC GLENROY REV A.dwg
ELS Asset Survey - 4499-001 CC GLENROY REV A.pdf
ELS Asset Proving - 4478-001 70 MERNDA VILLAGE DV REV A.dwg
ELS Asset Proving - 4478-001 70 MERNDA VILLAGE DV REV A.pdf


  • Colin,
    If you like to get technical assistance from the Bricsys support team, please file a support request on the Bricsys website. Our support team will gladly try to assist.

  • edited November 2019

    yup in the process of doing that. However, I've had better luck posting the issues here and getting a answer. Last time I contacted re: multileaders and editing I received varying answers from support ranging from "someone will look into it" - "It isn't happening" - "It's a known issue". Since this issue has basically now stopped my entire department while we try and A: resolve the issue B: backtrack through the last month's worth of released data to find the extent of the issue and try to identify the commonality between any wrong drawings and C: try to redress all the incomplete sent deliverables, I'm sure you understand that your above post wasn't of the greatest help.

  • Couldn't find tickets raised linked to your account so far, so simply wanted to let you know that's an option.

  • no worries, in panic mode ATM

    ticket number is SR96720

  • from damien Harkin:

    Hi Stuart,


    The Multileader texts have apparently been detached and are now loose Mtexts.

    If I select and double-click an mtext, I can get into the mtext editor (as if to change the words). I can CTRL-A to select all the contents. Then I can change the color, eg to Yellow instead of black. Then I can see the contents against the black background (see attached)

    Still investigating...


    My reply:

    So I think I’ve found a point of commonality, of the deliverables with the issue it seems to be isolated to the ELS_STANDARD_1_125 Mleader style. If I change the style to Standard they reappear, albeit in the wrong format, If I change the Mleader ELS_STANDARD_1_125 from annotative to specify scale “1” they reappear AND are in the correct format.

    As annotative the Mleaders have the attribute overall scale “0” in the properties, obviously because they’re annotative.

    Although I’ve named our two most used styles els_standard and els_standard_1_125 I’m not changing the view scale in the model space, rather using a 1:125 frame to rescale the viewport in the layouts and the fact that the els_standard isn’t affected AND that the 1:125 isn’t always affected has got me totally stumped.

    I’d noticed while drafting that, on occasion, the mulltileaders would disappear, I honestly thought I’d been qselecting them and accidently deleting them with the quad. It would tend to happen if I was editing something in the layouts, a title page note for example, and I was able to ctrl-z may way back out of the issue, putting it down to my own clumsiness, I’m now thinking the issue was the same issue we are now discussing.

    I think I’ve got a workround now, so immediate panic has reduced

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