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Profile Axis lines

There is a command, 'DISPLAYAXES' which turns on the axis lines for BIM profiles.

Is there a command that can turns off the profile but leaves on the axis lines?

I have found that the profiles can be manipulated using the grips on the profile axis line which is a good feature however I would like to check the model and just having the axis lines displayed and not the profile outlines would be more convenient.



  • edited December 2019
    I asked a similar question about exporting the axes lines in a did dwg other format. Also I would like the the second axis defining the plane of rotation orientation as well. - most structural analysis/fabrication programs will expose this and I find it essential for interoperability. You can use the grasshopper components to get the axes lien and expor/bake but you cannot get a rotation angle and /or reference axis for the section orientation. This should be easy for bricsys to expose and invaluable.
  • If you want the axes lines then you need to use grasshopper and bake them to a excel/dwg file or bake them back to bricsys
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