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Read-only CUI on the network

Hi All,

Is there a way to keep BricsCAD from trying to modify a read-only menu that it has loaded when exiting the program? I serve up a customized CUI from a network drive where my designers have read-only rights. Every time they close BricsCAD (v 19.2.03 Platinum), they will get a BricsCAD error dialog box saying "Cannot write to file [filename].cui. Please ensure that you have write access to this file."


  • You could set WSAUTOSAVE=0, or set it up so they have a local (write-able) main .cui with your read-only .cui added to the main as a partial.

  • @VinceWehnes
    You did not mention if the menu was a main or a partial, but this subject comes up over and over. The end thought is don't run customization off a network server, ever. It may work, and does work for a lot of things, but you simultaneously set up a fragile and inflexible system by using a server for acad tools and custimization.
    To keep it brief, the alternative is to set up a login script (just a .cmd or .bat file) that uses the free Robocopy.exe to copy any resources needed to folders on the users' hard drives. Then use those local files in acad.
    If you make changes to network files during the day, have users close acad and run the script, then re-open. Robocopy only updates changed files, and it mirrors the server for folders it runs on. So it takes seconds to run after very first complete copy.
    No worries about users editing anything on purpose or not. The next synch gets things how the server has them.
    Complete freedom for users to try things, mess up, and easily set back.
    No worries about network access, disconnected field laptops run fine.
    No inflexibility from multiple people having things loaded, such as an arx like Doslib.

    I know the downsides, no instant update of whatever, but I do use network files for things like company block libraries. I keep the dwg files generally needed for tools local, but in total, my local files for a given version are less than 200 mb.
    I could write a book on this, so reply if you want details and options as there are still many ways to do stuff if local.
    One thing - I don't have the main menu as part of those local controlled files. I copy the main menu to their profile folder and load from there so they can customize without me wiping it out.

  • if original post is saying that all users run the same main menu, that when they type menuname at command line they all get the exact same network file, i dont think that will ever be solvable. the way imo is to install and load the generic main full menu local and run customized partial menu on network. if bricscad still gives a flag to save, that is a bug. autocad has never worked like that. i have worked with a lot of users, and we have multiple partial menus on network. they can be swapped in and out, programmatically, different groups can run different multiple partials. all serious company wide customization is on the network. its low maintenance. computers dont develop individual differences. users can customize their own main or partials to their hearts content. if they create useful content, they transfer their partial to the network.

  • @terry priest
    You are going the right direction, but go all the way.
    Company stuff is best managed (definitely IMO, but I'm a good arguererer) with everything local, except extensive block libraries.
    Set up a login script that uses robocopy.exe and /mir option to replicate a set of company support folders local.
    Point your profile to that.
    If you modify the company master during the day, tell users to close acad and run login script, then re-open.
    An important detail is don't make the main menu in the company folders. Put it in users profile folder so workspace edits don't get smashed by login.
    That way, laptops work disconnected, users can hack away and reset whenever needed, files like .net dll's don't get locked from being loaded, the weather is better, people smile a lot more, and you get paid more.
    You choose what is important, and I did not mention all the details, but you have the right idea already so follow that rabbit hole!

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