Generate Surface of 3d-Faces


I want to create a surface, consisting of 3D Faces covering the red hatch shown in the picture. What would be the quickest/most simple way to do this? In the first step, the 3d-Faces should be even (z-Value = 0).


  • CADMebel
    edited January 2020

    Enable Boundary Detection
    Hover over the hatched area - use Quad to create a region

  • Interesting. That gives a Planesurface, with 1 face. I would have thought the OP was talking about TIN surface like for civil engineering.
    From the help, you can pick:
    2D and 3D solids
    Zero-width open polylines with thickness
    Arcs and lines and arcs with thickness
    Meshes and planar 3D faces
    So this kind of surface is more 3d model-ish, than a civil surface. I wonder what the planar surface entity is in autocad.
    Never used them before.

    BTW, if you look up the .net port of the Triangle program, you can build that into a nice TIN triangulator plug-in for bcad.
    Its what I use and handles millions of points/breakline segs per second.

  • Hi James,
    The Planesurface is composed from triangles like any Surface, but you don't see them !
    The last step to get your 3Dfaces is to export the Surface into a Collada .dae file and import this file again into
    a mesh (cyan triangulated) and finally explode this mesh and get the 3Dfaces (yellow) you want !
    I hope this helps

  • Why not use convtomesh?

  • @Konstantin Sakellaris
    Wow, now that is a workflow! I'm thinking something utilizing the new tin surface would be more direct but I have not used it much.

  • @James Maeding said:

    The quickest workflow seems to be the one mentioned by CADMebel above...!
    Create REGION(magenta) -----> create MESH using CONVTOMESH command (cyan) -------> explode to 3D Faces ( yellow) (fig.1 below)
    If you use the TIN command you CAN'T exclude areas within a Boundary like in your case and you will have to do it manually !
    You will not be able to select REGIONS using the TIN command and you need more steps to convert to 3D Face
    Create TIN using the TIN command----> explode to BLOCK -----> explode to POLYFACE MESH -------> explode to 3D Faces (fig.2 below)
    Also using the workflow over COLLADA .dae file you can exchange information with many non DWG software etc....
    Enjoy !



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