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Slow point cloud preprocessing

Bricscad seems to run preprocessing of point clouds on a single CPU core.
I have here an example of a preprocessing that took 1 1/2 hours, running at 5-10% processor load.
Disk I/O was not the bottleneck, all traffic went to a SSD drive.

Please make the preprocessing run on all available cores in the next release of Bricscad.



  • edited February 3

    Second that. Piont clouds are a golden opportunity for bricscad to be better than othercad. Othercad has snap issues where the cursor snaps to a point a bit away, making it hard to pick what you need. I have a program to draw breaklines for surface creation and that issue kills its productivity.
    So getting the point cloud indexer for bcad running fast (yes, indexing is what its doing, as well as adesk recap to .rcp) is critical, as well as handling at least 100 million points fast in orbits and snapping.

  • A big +1 to both comments; BricsCAD would substantially enlarge their user base IMO if they refined the handling of point clouds.

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