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Xref Overlay as default

edited February 10 in 2D Drafting

Is it possible to have set **'overlay' **as default for Xattach?
I think the last used value should be saved in registry but somehow it doesn't work on my machine yet.


  • wow, my setting does not even stick within a drawing.
    I wrote my own xref attacher years ago. Does multiple, adds z to alias, makes one layer per each xref....
    The default attachers are junk in bcad and othercad.

  • BTW, my tool is free if you grab the PurgeIDs set of tools mentioned here before.
    Its the MXREF command.
    It has a dialog for settings, and also a super handy command to "re-organize" xrefs added without the tool.
    dialog for settings is:

    mxref sets.jpg
    267 x 254 - 27K
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