Attaching .rcp is way to go for point clouds!

It occurred to me that importing a .rcp file might be faster than a raw .laz file which is not indexed like recap does.
Low and behold, the import processing only took a minute or two, and the 12 million point point cloud came in almost perfect.
It looks fine, just not on right coords but that should be easy to work out.
AND, can snap to a point using endpoint or node without the Autocad bug where it picks a point away from the cursor.
Now, I am seeing jumpy cursor behavior when picking a point such as when drawing a line, so I will do a support request.
The point (yah, intended) is, don't have bcad process point clouds, use recap, then add the .rcp.
Recap is free BTW. Ignore all the subscripe slime and just use the thing. Its like 10x faster than the bcad indexer mechanism so far.
I'm wondering why the support team did not mention this, as it totally changes the current usefulness of the feature.

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