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xref vs. expxrefs

Bricscad recently added modeless, dedicated, dockable pop-ups for XREF and several other options in drawing Explorer. That is not playing well in my office. The new pop-ups do not close with ESC like Drawing Explorer does. Drawing Explorer can be called with EXPXREFS, but after 20+ years of typing XREF it is hard to change. I wish the programmers had included a toggle in Settings so that those of us whose muscle memory is well developed could easily stay with the old system if we prefer it.

I've poked around the edges of undefining XREF and creating a c:xref function that calls EXPXREFS, but so far I have not been very successful. Has anyone else come up with a way to continue to use XREF to call Drawing Explorer?


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    I do this for the xref dialog:

    or if you want
    (COMMAND "UNDEFINE" "xref")

  • Thanks, James. Almost identical to what I had.

  • So you mean others are not utilizing your lisp(s).
    That's funny, its a word whose sound encourages the habit it describes, brilliant!
    Anyway, do your team members dislike "customization", and prefer pure OOTB cad?
    I don't get along with those types well as you can imagine.

  • Others are using my lisps, but I no longer have staff. I had planned on being retired by now (I relocated from the Phoenix area to a small town in Texas a couple of years ago) but my clients are still sending new jobs. Back when I had staff they never saw OOTB. I only do electrical design. The lisp customizations I have double productivity compared to OOTB. That's why its a big deal to me when new "features" change classic functions.

  • The attached PARTIAL CUI for BricsCAD V20 that will give you alternative toolbars to use the drawing explorer for layers and the like. The included mnl will revert commands like LAYER, XREF etc.. back to using the Drawing Explorer.

    The following is from the V20 release notes.

    These commands now bring up modeless dockable panel dialogs in lieu of the Drawing Explorer. EXPLAYERS, EXPPDF, EXPIMAGE and EXPXREFS commands bring up the Drawing Explorer versions of said dialogs.

    To use this partial CUI. Extract the contents to the same folder, then in BricsCAD use MENULOAD to load. Please note this is a PARTIAL CUI, do not load as root.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

  • Nicely done. Thanks.

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